Friday, June 25, 2010


DIPT NYC ® is the socially conscious streetwear clothing label drawing inspiration from individuality, originality and ice cream (I think Ice Cream is the inspiration of the most unique amongst the three of them, hehehe) that is not to be defined by a certain demographic or race on the contrary they bring forth cultures and races together to form an undeniable revolution in the streets, and now they opens up the book to its first chapter unveiling their highly anticipated Summer X' Collection. Sharing time between the Lower East Side of New York City and Charleston. DIPT NYC® delivers a focus on branding with this first collection with distinguishable logo work to be noticed for years to come. The initial drop is composed of three graphic t shirts using vibrant colors consistent with the blazing summer heat and references to the two amazing cities. Please note that all 3 of the designs for this collection were born from hand drawn designs with no detail spared even in the handcrafted neckline tag to the representation that you now see today. Having already established a great buzz on the East and West coast, DIPT NYC® is a promising new company who's here to leave a mark. All 3 shirts are available for men and women and they all retail for $24. Available now on HERE !!. And now, I really want some Ice Cream !!

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